What is Track My Fundraising?

As a music teacher I am constantly organizing fundraisers for my school band. Everything from selling chocolates, bottle drives, bingos, garage sales – you name it, I’ve done it! With so many people students involved, and a desire to accurate record each individual student’s earnings, I went on the search for a website that could help me stay organized. Many of my colleagues suggested that I create an excel spreadsheet to track everything as they have had some success with that option. I thought about this idea, but wanted more than Excel could offer. After an exhaustive internet search I came up with nothing. There are no website or software program that could meet my needs. So I had no choice but to build my own site – a site designed for the teacher who wants to accurate way to track fundraising with an easy to use interface.

Track My Fundraising was born.

What features does the site offer?

I wanted to design a site that had a lot of features, but yet was still user friendly and quick to learn. Track My Fundraising offers the following abilities:

What's the cost

I want the site to be affordable for everyone! I know you need every last penny you can scrap together to go towards your event. You can have access to the site for an entire year for only $20! That's it! I'll be adding features over time too at no extra cost.

If you are interested in getting your own account please send me an e-mail at admin [at] trackmyfundraising [dot] ca

Who are you

  • David Johnstone

    Music educator in Fort Nelson, BC for the past 7 years. My side hobby is projects like this!